Discover New, Exiting and Intelligent Approach to Skin Care !
Hello Glorious People!
I am so exited to share with all of you my new passion,my new career of Health Coach! You can’t run from your purpose, eventually,and only if you listen to your heart,it will find you. All my life , I was very interested in holistic health and healing through food! Just 30 years later, i am finally on the right path and my new purpose fills me with Joy and Happiness!
“Your Body is The Only Place You Have to Live ” – I love this quote by Jim Rohn!
This quote reminds us that our body is precious and one of our main missions on this Magic Planet is to take care of our Body and of our Glorious Planet for as long as we leave, so we can explore this beautiful and mysterious experience of being human.
Two years ago i had to make a firm decision to stop doing what was my passion and my career for many years. For 20 plus years i was providing skin care to my clients in form of facials, extractions, peels and all it takes, all i can discover to make my clients feel beautiful. In a past 20 years i attended dozens and dozens of seminars, shows, classes just to find new products, techniques ,information that i can use during my skin treatments. I was successfully doing my job until i got so tired of extracting people faces without positive outcome of my work. Literally, my fingers would hurt from doing so many extractions! Am i insane? And extractions are painful to my clients! This kind of facials would help temporally relieve acne but if you don’t take care of main problems that cause skin imbalances, all your skin pimples,blemishes will come back in less then a month. I am not against extractions completely, if they are done correctly and in combination with some lifestyle changes, it can be very helpful tool to improve health and esthetic looks of the skin. I had to find more intelligent approach to skin care.Then, when i made decision, to join IIN school, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, to get certified as Health Coach. I have to take a moment to share my admiration and deepest love for this school and all the amazing teachers, people i met through this program and all it brings to the World. There is a hope for all of us to be healthy, happy, just like we were meant to be.
During my esthetics carrier, I realized how many people are disconnected with there bodies, including myself:) As product of modern, fast paced world, we want quick fix , even with our appearance. Excuse me, but there is no such a thing, when it comes to our health. SKIN is one of our largest organs that reflects our life style without hiding anything. We can enjoy the convenience of fast food and have all the sugar in a world in alluring form of muffins, ice-cream, candies, that makes us feel good only at the moment we eat and let your poor body deal with outcome of it later. Just push it to the very back of your mind , nobody will find it , just don’t tell anyone, it is no ones business what you feed yourself! But your skin will tell the truth, your skin is a reflection of your health, period!
Your skin reflects your health!!
In order to have beautiful and healthy skin, You must keep your whole inner ecosystem in balance. Every time you see a blemish, broken capillaries, pigmentation try to connect the dots. And there is whole another story about pigmentation and our relationship with our beloved Sun! We will talk about it more in the following newsletters.
What shows up on your face is connected directly or indirectly to the state of your internal organs ,systems and your mind. One of the skin’s “jobs” is to communicate inner imbalances before they become major health issues or cause disease.
The main purpose of this letter is to create awareness and connection between food you eat and the health of your skin!

As a Promotion,
we are offering Free Health Coaching Session when you schedule any Skin Care Treatment from our menu. Please, take an advantage of this amazing opportunity and let us help you find a healthier way of caring for your skin by incorporating more Self Love in to your life right now so you can feel and look your Glorious Best!

The session includes:

-Full discussion of your health history
-Personalized goal setting to help you take charge of your own health
-Nutrition assessment
-Recommendations and a complete set of notes

The session takes about an hour, make sure, plan an extra time for it.
Currently, at Adagio Day Spa, we have two Certified Health Coaches,
Karen Damjanovich and myself, Anastasiya Monaco. We are looking forward to see you soon!
With Care and Love,