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Beautiful Skin Starts with Exceptional Skin Care!


Eminence Organic Facial

Healthy Skin is a reflection of what you feed your body, inside and out. That's why we are using Eminence Organic Skin Care, the finest natural, organic and Biodynamic® products to provide our Customers with the best skin care.

All products in Eminence Facials are made with fresh fruit pulps, plants and exotic spices. This makes them incredibly rich in nutrients, so they are not only the healthiest choice for you, but also the most effective, results-oriented collection around. Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, offering dramatic results as actual seeds, pulps and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce. The precious ingredients are combined with thermal hot spring water to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties.

A Facial is a great way to treat your skin and offers many benefits.

Our Skin Care Specialist will customize your Organic Facial for your needs and your type of skin. Our Facials include deep cleansing and exfoliation to help clear your pores. Extracting open comedones will also help your skin get rid of acne.

Your Esthetician will soften the skin with steam, hot moist towels, and enzymes or other exfoliants. The esthetician may choose a mask to detoxify hydrate or rejuvenate your skin. A facial massage will increase blood circulation, stimulate the skin and improve tone of the skin.

An esthetician will work with you to create a home care regime that will be both easy to use and work with your individual skin type. It will also help slow down premature aging by custom-targeting your skin care.

Healthy Skin For Life!

60 min $115   
90 min $135   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

Yon-ka Facial

Every Yon-Ka treatment features a holistic and personalized approach that creates the ideal conditions for receptiveness and effectiveness.

Based on knowledge, professionalism, active listening, the science of the product and the olfactory message of the essential oils, it offers replenishment, harmony, energy and wellness to the person receiving the treatment.

The plants used in Yon-Ka products come from renewable resources and sustainable agriculture and are mainly of organic origin.

At the heart of the Yon-Ka formulas: the Quintessence

This is an extraordinary synergy of five pre-dosed essential oils with a wide field of action. It is used in the composition of 70% of the brand's products.

Depending on its concentration, it is also a relaxing or energizing olfactory treasure.

  • Fine lavender from Haute-Provence with calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Geranium from Egypt with anti-inflammatory, antalgic and healing properties.
  • Rosemary from Morocco, with antiseptic, regenerating and toning properties.
  • Cypress from Provence with decongesting and nerve-balancing properties.
  • Thyme from Spain, an excellent stimulant with powerful antiseptic properties.

Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

Escale Beaute

Discovery treatment and beauty-relaxation break

Treatment steps:

  • An aromatic compress
  • A warm mist with 5 essential oils
  • A hydrating vegetable exfoliation
  • A relaxing modelling of face, neck and neckline
  • A hydra-crème mask for face and neck
  • A vitalizing protecting base
A beauty break to provide your skin with vitamins and quickly find your glow in an ever-changing journey thru scents of citrus or Mediterranean

a bright and glowing complexion!

*** A quick yet efficient approach to relaxation to be recommended at any time.

45 min $85   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

Le Grand Classique

Deep cleansing treatment, healing and relaxing.

One of the most elaborate, complete facials. Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion. Customized and recommended at any age, it centers on Yon-ka exclusive deep cleansing regimen: in 5 successive steps carried out with the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of the 5 Quintessence essential oils, the pure glow of the epidermis is revealed, one step at a time.

Purified skin, a toned complexion, and optimum relaxation.

90 min. $135   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

Essential White

Brightening-Dark Spots Correction

This highly effective Skin Care Treatment made with 30% glycolic acid to brighten and unify complexion, control dark spots. Absolutely visible results after 4 treatments.



Treatment steps:

  • Aromatic awakening
  • Make-up removal-cleansing
  • Plant-based scrub massage
  • Green LED light
  • Warm mist with 5 essential oils
  • Peel: the core of this Brightness - Dark spot treatment, used either as a global treatment or locally on dark spots (depending on your problem areas)
  • Face, neck and décolleté massage only for the 60 minute treatment)
  • Soothing and clarifying mask for face and neck
  • Hand treatment
  • Fresh mist with 5 essential oils
  • Application of the brightening day cream and sun protection
  • Fresh, aromatic awakening
after one months
  • Even-toned complexion : 90 %*
  • Clearer, more beautiful skin : 73 %*
  • Lighter and brighter complexion :90% *
As a treatment course: once a week for 1 month which means a 4 treatment program:
  • 1 treatment of 80 min+ 3 treatments of 45 min.
45 min - $95   
80 min - $135   
Treatment Course - $350 (save 70$)   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

Hydralessence Facial

Intense hydration treatment

Treatment steps:

  • An aromatic compress
  • A warm mist with 5 essential oils
  • Vegetable exfoliation
  • A hydrating mask with vapor bath
  • Elimination of blackheads
  • Relaxing massage for face, neck and neckline
  • A double hydrating mask for the face and neck
  • Hand treatment
  • A fresh aromatic awakening
Tightness, stinging… is your skin becoming rough and dull or being marked by fine lines? This is a cry for help: your skin is drying out. This high-performance treatment will quickly help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness. What's the secret? The powerfully softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts; the use of 2 refreshing masks, one including a massage with a fine aromatic mist; and the application of a repairing, hydration-reactivating duo using Yon-Ka techniques. The Yon-Ka touch during this facial: the application of a soft gel peel with citrus extracts on the hands, to hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously.

your skin is renewed, soothed, and rebalanced; softness and beauty are restored.

*** Choose Hydralessence year-round, as soon as your skin starts showing symptoms of dehydration.

60 min $125   
Add Extractions - $25   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   


Lifting and firming facial.

Lifting and restructuring, third anti-aging treatment acts like a " persona trainer " for the skin. By stimulating the skin's natural regeneration processes, it optimizes firmness, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and intensifies glow. Rich in hibiscus and lupine peptides and highly hydrating marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, it reinforces the structure of the epidermis and uses co-enzyme Q10 to protect the skin cells from free radical attacks.
A visibly younger skin that is firmer and smoother, redefined facial contours.

90 min. $145   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

Ultimate Facial Resculpturing

During this advanced Facialwe use techniques, modalities and multiple devices to contour and tighten the skin naturally. We combine micro-currant facial with manual massage and a tightening facial wrap to produce immediate results-an uplifting and contouring effect on the skin. Our manual massage combines European deep tissue facial massage, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage techniques.

Therapy Benefits:

  • Stimulates new cell production
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Increases elasticity
  • Tightens facial muscles
  • Improves jaw line/Lifts brows
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Creates healthy,glowing,vibrant skin
Electrical stimulation is not recommended if you are pregnant or suffer from a seizure disorder. This treatment is not recommended for people who wear braces.
120 min. $180   
Add Aromatic Back Exfoliation - $25   

About Micro-Currants

This unique method of electro-muscle stimulation, used safely by European clinicians for many years.This treatment tightens loose skin and strengthens atrophic muscles , and after a series of treatments the results mimic a non-surgical face lift. Micro-currants may also be used as a preventive treatment to keep the muscles of the face and neck firm and the contours smooth. It also helps reduce fine lines, increases blood circulation, and stimulates collagen production.

Therapy Benefits:

  • Tightens, tones, and lifts the facial muscles that support the skin tissue
  • Improves appearance of jaw line
  • Uplifts and tones facial contours
  • Facilitates the penetration of products to the dermis and epidermis
  • Improves the acuity of new cell development
  • Increases elasticity

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