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Today at Adagio Day Spa we welcome you to discover a healing power of the ocean depth, refreshing your Body, Mind and Spirit...

Spring Awakening Ritual!

Organic Seaweed Body Wrap

* Detoxification: Seaweed body wrap helps to detoxify your body. As soon as the mask is applied on your body, metal toxins are drawn out of your skin through osmotic movement. Iodine, contained in seaweed, helps to make the process even more effective. This aids in stimulating the rate of metabolism and detoxification.

* Weight loss and slimming effects: When your skin starts absorbing the minerals contained in seaweed, fat deposits in the body are broken down. Seaweed body wraps generate heat and this heat, in turn helps in the redistribution of fats.

* Regeneration of skin: Seaweed body mask helps to regenerate the skin in your body by promoting collagen formation. The treatment ensures the removal of dead skin cells.

Seaweed Detoxifying Facial

True wisdom of the nature, from the depth of the sea. Our Seaweed Facial delivers unique message from mother nature to your skin, making it smooth, refreshed and glowing. It infuses the skin with a "diet" of minerals and vitamins, which eliminate impurities and toxins and leave the skin soft, bright and hydrated.


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